photo by  Nickie Stone

photo by Nickie Stone

Hello, my name is Maggie Trela (but some call me Oyster).

Oyster hands is a silly, sweet nickname two of my best friends gave me in college. It began one late, smoke-wafting evening with some Fat Boy Slim playing in the background. The name shouldn't have made sense, but somehow it fits. 

Born in upstate New York and raised in Florida, I have an affinity for changing seasons and apple cider, sunshine and sandy toes. My love for books and reading carried me to college in South Carolina, earning a degree in English Lit from the College of Charleston. Soon after graduation I followed my heart to Portland, OR to fall in love. That love and I are back home in Florida, starting a new adventure in the Tampa Bay area.

I'm an editor by trade and am looking to start anew by venturing into the more creative. This site is dedicated to living that life: the Oyster life. Embracing the oddity in every day, pushing past doubt, and making the silliest of dreams a reality. 

Thanks for stopping by!